Kids denim pants "Blend Perfection: 70% Cotton, 28% Polyester, 2% Spandex"
"Every Stripe a Statement: Elevate Casual to Stunning."
"Blue and Orange: The 100% Cotton Color Duo That Pops"
"Purple and White: The Colors of Sophistication"

Ordinary or Extraordinary: What Will Your Child Wear?

Childhood dinosaur t-shirts and shorts exude “ordinary,” while stylish, neat clothes manifest a special future. Want your child to stand out? Or would you settle for a dinosaur t-shirt? The decisions you make for your children today shape their future. Choose wisely. Choose excellence.

  • Go Beyond Pink and Blue

    Your kids can wear something truly unique and feel good in it. Pink dresses and blue t-shirts aren't the only answers.

  • You're kind when you're comfortable

    Every item from our brand is crafted with comfort in mind. Wearing quality clothes makes people happier, and that includes your kids.

  • For kids and their parents

    We think you will appreciate our well-made outfits that withstand playtime and washing, while your kids will love the freedom to express themselves in fun, stylish designs.

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Meet the Designer

Read about Vivian Kim, the designer for Fittem, and how she creates unique, well-fitting children's clothing that brings joy and confidence to kids everywhere.

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